GoodbyeBlue™ Kids Electric Blue

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    Do screen time the right way with GoodbyeBlue

    GoodbyeBlue Optics are the ORIGINAL non-prescription, super flexible, Anti-Blue Light Glasses for Kids.

    GoodbyeBlue Optics reduce the negative health effects that are provoked from short and long-term use of digital tablets, screens, and monitors.

    Say goodbye to blue light and hello to happy, stylish, and healthier eyes.

    Why Kids NEED GoodbyeBlue™ Glasses

    -Promotes a healthier sleep cycle

    -Helps reduce & alleviate headaches,

    -Reduces eye fatigue and dryness

    -Super durable kid-proof design

    -Superior Anti-Blue Light lenses

    -One size fits kids 3-10

    -Available in 6 unique colors

    Super Durable & Flexible

    Goodbyeblue Optics are super flexible, durable, and ready for all of life's adventures that comes with being a kid.

    When it comes to optics, it's the little-details that count and we've got you covered.

    Blue Light Prevents Sleep

    High levels of blue light exposure results in decreased production of melatonin- the body's natural sleep chemical- which may induce sleep disruption and even affect mental health.

    Children's eyes are still developing and are therefore more sensitive. Studies show that 20-25% of children aged 5-14 experience increasing rates of vision issues, as well as growing rates of near sightedness.

    Our lab-grade tested lenses effectively negate these long-term effects!